In Patrick’s early career he ran a lead generation company with the main focus of booking appointments for clients. The business ran for four years with limited resources, but big ambitions, eventually growing to a team of seven employees.

Unfortunately, this business came to an abrupt halt when it’s main customer decided to take these services in-house. This decision had a crippling effect on the business, so Patrick had to think fast and review exactly where things had gone wrong. 

Patrick came to the conclusion that the business’ failure was nothing to do with the service offered, which customers were generally delighted with. Instead, the issue had arisen as the business had done little to grow its client base. Patrick had been too busy managing employees and current clients; losing sight of business growth.

Patrick vowed to learn from his mistakes and put his knowledge into practice with future endeavours. 

Prosper Business Development is that future endeavour.

We often see business owners making the same mistakes; with minimal sales activities being carried out and opportunities being missed due to a lack of business development structure, or the business knowledge to undertake the required processes. Often plans are made but never implemented. 

This is where Prosper Business Development steps in – by forming plans, ensuring they are implemented and building upon the momentum gathered. 

We ensure the wood is seen amongst the trees.

We encourage our clients to always be looking for the next big win.  

We keep moving so that our clients’ businesses can keep moving.
With our help, our clients Prosper.