Video can be an incredibly powerful asset to any business, with reports suggesting that ‘Video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from SERPs’ ( and how a ‘Video on a landing page can increase conversions by up to 80% or more’ (

We tell your story

The digital age has ushered in a new era of corporate video production. Nowadays, your customers need to see witty, engaging videos that gets their attention.

Your audience is subjected to more content than ever before. To rise above the noise and reach them, your project needs to be properly thought through and executed.

Nowadays, people are less likely to consume new information via text and static imagery. We live in a world of moving images:  TV, cinema, video games, Internet streamed content, etc. Video is everywhere for good reason. Video is powerful.

Videos need to be just right

Shorter attention spans are now common. The people you are marketing to will only briefly give you their attention.

Everyone likes a story

No one likes obvious ploys at marketing or selling a product. We aim to achieve the same goals through quality content that connects with consumers, which is accomplished with great storytelling.

Focus on your audience

People tend to choose a product or service for one overarching reason: they’re currently having a problem that the product or service seeks to solve.

This works so well, because instead of using a gimmick, the video is engaging the user through discussing the problem and highlighting how the product or service can help. This makes your video informative and helpful, rather than a sales ploy designed to trick the consumer.

‘Great’ films are not defined by production value or budget. A great film is one that achieves its objective effectively, creatively, efficiently. That might mean a glossy brand film, a personal insight into the business and its staff or a simple ‘how-to’ guide.

Our process is perfectly fit for the purpose of delivering exactly what you need. It also means we know that what you need is often more nuanced than just the physical video files themselves.

However, many videos, while being informative and visually compelling can often miss one of the most crucial aspects, the story. We help business owners and charities tell their audience about them, their own personal stories and why they do what they do. As a result, viewers are much more likely to feel engaged and get to know the person behind the business, something crucial in this world of scepticism. 

Video telling your story told is perfect for:

• Brand Building

• Differentiation

• Retention

• Growth

• Enhancing your website


• Google Search Ranking

• Social Media Sharing